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On the drop down of this page you’ll find some helpful betting tools that any good punter needs.

These betting tools can help a good punter find everything they need in a bet. From finding value in accumulators with the betting calculator to learning how to go about a Trixie, the page has everything you need.


Betting Calculator

If you aren’t sure how your bet has given you your odds, then here is a betting calculator that will help you work it!

The betting calculator works for all types of bets, ranging from doubles to Yankees. It will certainly help you find value when betting too.


Odds Converter

Not sure how much a 4/6 bet is really offering, then this is the page for you! There are hundreds of fractions that are broken down into decimals for those that prefer the latter.

This page is also great for helping you find value in single bets. For example you aren’t sure if 12/10 is good value on a home win, then the conversion to decimals will tell you how much you will return.


Bet Types

When betting online you can get offered all sorts of bet types, which half of, meaning nothing to me! However on this page will be an explanation of them all ranging from a ‘Lucky 31’ to a ‘Goliath’.

There isn’t a single bet type that has been missed from this page and I’m sure some of them will interest you!


Basic Betting Tips

For newbies into the betting world I suggest this page. Many punters lose money because they aren’t sure how to bet or what to bet on. Read these tips to avoid such mistakes and to ensure your money is well utilised.

Often punters make rookie mistakes that experienced ones wouldn’t so I strongly advise reading this page to ensure before you lose silly money.

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